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Memory Lane Entertainment presents the fabulously popular Memory Lane Shows at Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, and Independent Retirement Communities throughout the country. 

While the shows are extraordinarily entertaining in their own right, they were designed to serve a deeper purpose. They take advantage of a fairly recent discovery by neuroscientists, called the music-memory connection, to stimulate a particular region of the brain that, in turn, brings back long forgotten memories and “reawakens the brain.”

Watch the following clip from the award winning documentary, “Alive Inside” to witness the music-memory connection in a nursing home.

As you saw in the video, only music has the ability to stimulate a specific area of the brain, which can trigger those long-forgotten memories and, incredibly, awaken other areas of the brain that correspond to critical thinking, the experience of joy, and motor functions. 


The Memory Lane Shows combine cinema therapy with music therapy for maximum brain stimulation. Your residents are literally swept back in time to a year when they might have experienced their first kiss, gone to a drive-in movie with their boyfriend or girlfriend, or danced to popular songs on the radio.

Wouldn’t you want to go back in time and relive those precious life moments all over again? The memories are intact, regardless of our age, but remain locked away until awakened by the right stimulus – The Memory Lane Shows. As memories fade, one’s identity is peeled away. All the experiences, which shaped our identity when we were younger, are eventually forgotten and we forget who we are.

Music has the ability to not only reawaken the brain, but to boost mood. Mood elevation carries with it its own benefits. Mood elevation (happiness) creates a feedback loop throughout the brain, which has been shown to improve intelligence, reduce blood pressure, lower anxiety, guard against depression, reduce feelings of regret, improve immune functions, and reduce pain.

Each month, your residents will be treated to a different Memory Lane Show spanning the years 1948 – 1959. A professionally trained presenter will not only narrate the on screen presentation, but will also interact with the residents to elicit memories and encourage them to sing along to the songs if they can remember them (They will and they do. In fact, I don’t think you could stop them if you wanted to!)


Neuroscientists working in the field of happiness have also discovered that if someone is happy (maybe they just watched a funny cartoon), their brains become sharper. The Memory Lane Shows are designed to not only reawaken the brain via the music-memory connection, but also to boost happiness. The one-hour show is heavily seeded with clips from funny TV shows, cartoons, and vintage commercials. 


The shows are designed to hit as many memory buttons as possible. Therefore, in addition to top songs, movie clips, TV shows, and commercials, we also add sporting events to the mix. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, long before cable TV and the Internet scattered our attention, major sporting events were watched by nearly everyone. Sports heroes were idolized. Imagine how thrilling it will be for your residents to once again experience Ben Hogan winning the Masters, Ted Williams hitting one out of the park in the World Series, Rocky Marciano winning the Title fight, the famed triple crown winner, Citation, winning the Kentucky Derby, etc. Priceless – and only available in The Memory Lane Shows.

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