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In addition to the Memory Lane Shows, we have additional presentations and products currently in research and development that will add significantly to your income when they are released. You can also earn bonuses. Each time you sponsor someone into the organization, you receive a $500 bonus, once the presenter is fully on board and has completed 10 presentations.


Finally, when you are fully certified (upon completing your 10th presentation), you are qualified to undergo training to become a Certified Memory Lane Trainer/Coach. You can coach people you have sponsored or other people who are new and request your services. As a coach, you are paid directly by your trainee. Trainees pay $100 per month to have a coach and we encourage them to do that because coaching is important in business success. 


As a coach, you mentor your trainee to be successful and provide one 15-minute consultation once a week. If you are successful in your own right, others will want you as a coach. When you are coaching, you will be making $100 and hour (four 15-minute coaching sessions per hour).

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