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What skills do I need to be successful?


We are looking for people who are friendly and outgoing, yet professional. You are our representative in your community and we want you to be able to convey our mission with passion and enthusiasm. You should have some computer skills, be comfortable with your laptop and the Internet.


You should also have a love for music and find enjoyment in the music of that era. Otherwise you will be bored during the presentations and it will show. We want you to interact with the audience and get them involved. 


If you have been in business for yourself before or you have a sales background, it could be of value. While you don't necessarily need sales skills, it shows that you are a self-starter and have organizational skills.


What about age?


In our country, employers don’t typically like to hire older workers because health insurance costs are much higher. As a result, many older people who have been downsized out of corporate positions find little opportunities beyond low paying part-time jobs.

We are different. If you’re older, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to use your skills to make a new start. We don’t care about your age as long as you have kept up with your computer skills, are energetic, outgoing and enjoy music!


When you compare our opportunity to a part-time job paying $12/hour, you will find that to make the same amount of money, you will only need to work 13 hours a month presenting vs. 80 hours a month at a job. In addition, you are your own boss and get to make your own hours. Finally, it’s a lot more fun than most jobs I can think of!


What about training?


All training materials will be sent to you in an Informational Packet. We have a weekly staff newsletter that will allow you to benefit from other presenters’ experiences and will provide updates on all kinds of things surrounding Memory Lane Shows. If you feel you would like to have a personal coach who has shown success as a presenter and is now a Certified Memory Lane Trainer/Coach, you can contract with one of these people directly for $100/month.

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