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How to play....

Promo Musingo Poster Designed by Jess Wa



  1. Write your name on the top of your card.​

  2. Fill in your FREE SPACE.

  3. We will be playing 2 – 3 games depending on the length of the booking. Each game averages 35 minutes give or take 5 minutes, and there are short breaks between games.

  4. You will hear music clips that will last approximately 60 seconds. Identify the song on your card and mark it. If you can’t find the song on your card, don’t worry. You have a one in three chance of that song appearing on your card.

  5. When you have filled in a row, column, or diagonal, yell “Musingo!” The first person to yell out wins the game assuming his or her answers are correct.

  6. After a short break you will get a new card to play the next game. Save your cards; in case of a tie (# of games won), the person with the most correct answers for the night will be the grand prize winner.


Prizes are determined by the venue.

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