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One in nine people over the age of 65 suffer from Alzheimer’s. Only music has the ability to reach a specific part of the brain that can trigger long forgotten memories and activate other parts of the brain, which relate to speech and other cognitive abilities. Even seniors without dementia lose their identities as they age because the experiences

that shaped their lives are forgotten and they become a shell of their former selves. 

Music connects people with who they once were, and as memories are regained so is their sense of self. This positive boost in mood triggers a chain reaction of positive psychological and physical benefits.

Our mission is to help seniors regain their identities by stimulating long-forgotten memories through a unique combination of cinema therapy and the music-memory connection.

Watch Henry!

What affect does music therapy have on those with dementia?

<---- Watch, you will be surprised!

"Music is a necessity for those who have dementia."

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