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We've changed our name, our shows and the game - it's more fun then ever!

Rock Show

> More entertaining! Not just a game, but hugely entertaining and nostalgic. Patrons enjoy rare video clips of original artist live performances after each answer. Each show includes: 

Name that Song

Name that Artist (band)

and Pop Culture Trivia from TV shows and movies.

> More revenue for the venue! Soft dollar payouts (gift cards to your establishment) guarantee future business. Our marketing system entices patrons to “like” your Facebook page by posting clues for future games, thereby keeping them in the loop regarding your offerings.


Watch this brief demo,

we know you'll love it!

* Stay ahead of the competition.

* Rock Show Bingo offers a more comprehensive entertainment experience than anything on the market.

* It’s like going to a concert, a movie, and playing a game with friends – all in one evening.

* Patrons enjoy live concert footage, award-winning music videos, and funny TV and movie clips.

* Fast-paced, two-minute clips lead to trivia-styled questions such as name the artist, band, song, or movie.

* Two exciting Team Captain competitions each round allow teams to wager points.

* Players complete their bingo boards to win bonus points.

> Attract multiple demographics! A complete line-up of music trivia by decade (60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90's) allows you to tailor your games to the audience you want to attract when you want to attract them.


> Custom programs! Every establishment is unique and we respect that. We work with you to tailor a program that is right for you. You pick your programming, your hours, and your soft dollar payouts.


Rock Show Trivia is on Facebook too!

Share tips, leave clues for future games and share photos! Be sure to like and follow! 

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